At TheraPaz Counseling, we are decolonizing mental health by choosing to work FOR OUR PEOPLE.  We are all trained in providing trauma care and are learning about ancestral healing practices. We recognize that we are privileged to build such sacred relationships with the community we serve and thank you for considering us to journey with you.



Expert in Woman Empowerment

You're woke and trying to embrace your brown girl magic. You see the family cycles, the generational trauma, and the broken systems that get in the way of living the life you want. You see yourself getting into the same broken relationships, you're tired and frustrated and aren't even sure why. You did it- you got the education, the career, you made Mami proud. So then, why are you so damn tired? Sad? Angry? Empty? You may not recognize the inner warrior in you quite yet, but you know she's there and you're ready to give her life. You are searching for insight, answers, and healing.

I am a proud Latina. I've done the inner work of facing my own internalized racism, of learning to say "no" even to my own Mami y Papi. Although I have many years of experience in working with a broad range of people, I specialize in trauma care, specifically with women of color.  Whether it be from childhood abuse, immigration encounters, or lack/loss of a parent, I use the most successful forms of therapy, including EMDR, to help. Together, we will work on overcoming the hurt and pain of your past, helping you stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and angry. I will journey with you as you find your happiness, better relationships, and embrace the chingona that you are. 


Expert In Life Transitions

Are you  a social justice warrior that recognizes it's time for your own healing to happen? You're going through a new phase of life and can suddenly see the family systems, the generational trauma, and the broken beliefs that don't let you live the way you want. Maybe it's the start of a new career, beginning college, ending a relationship, becoming a parent, or simply entering into adolescent years. Whatever the new phase may be, you're starting to recognize "Damn. It's hard!" You're searching for clarity, a sense of direction, and healing. Together, we will work on giving you answers, overcoming the past, finding excitement about the future, and most importantly, giving light to your hope again.

My name is Cindy Nunez-Flores. I am a Latina therapist who finds it my passion to work with people as they go through life transitions.  I look forward to working with you to reclaim your worth, your strength, and your excitement about life!



Expert in Grief and Loss

Loss, change, divorce, death: the scary topics no one wants to deal with. Everyone understands in the beginning but what happens weeks later? Others move on with their lives but you are just beginning the process of grieving. Then you notice that others start to avoid you, pity you or you feel like you’re boring them. People tell you to heal but what does that even mean? Together, we will figure that out.

My name is Gloria Zapata. I’m a proud Latinx therapist working with those going through the process of grief and loss. Regardless of age and the circumstance, grief and loss affects us all. I will walk with you, without judgment, on your journey.

Choose Gloria as Your Therapist


Supervised by Elizabeth Mojica, LCSW 76447

You are ready to seek, find, and embrace liberation! You are done with feeling tied down, stuck, and overwhelmed. I believe therapy is a form of liberation as it provides an opportunity to free yourself from the many constraints that can hinder you from becoming your most authentic self.

I believe in cultivating trust, creating safe spaces, and empowering you on your healing process. My passion lies in working with the BIPOC community as I view our individual liberation as part of the collective healing.

This journey is not meant to be done alone. I am here to support you. As a first-generation Latina, I understand the immigrant experience, generational trauma, and personal trauma. Therapy as a form of liberation will help you restore yourself to the person you were always meant to be.

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